Federal Student Loans: What to Expect and How to Prepare for Payment Resumption


Federal student loan payments will resume at the end of January 2022. 美国.S. Department of Education has made it clear that this is the last COVID relief 扩展. This means borrowers should be ready to make their first payment in February.

Here are some things you can expect:

  • 你的 student 贷款服务机构 will contact you about payments resuming.

  • You will receive an invoice at least 21 days before y我们的 first payment is due.  

  • 你每月支付 到期日期 should be the same you had prior to the COVID administrative forbearance.

  • 你的 付款额 should be the same if you were enrolled in an Income Driven Repayment plan unless you renewed or changed y我们的 payment plan during the suspended period. If you were enrolled in a Standard, Graduated or Extended Repayment plan, y我们的 付款额 可能是不同的.  Contact y我们的 servicer for more information.

  • Auto-debit payments should resume automatically.

  • 你的 loans will start accumulating interest starting February 2022 and any accumulated interest should not be capitalized—i.e., added to y我们的 principal—unless you were in a traditional deferment or forbearance prior to the COVID relief . 

  • If y我们的 loans were in default, collection activities may resume.

  • For more information on what to expect, click 在这里.

Between now and February, 在这里 are some things you can do to prepare for student loan payment resumption:

  • Update y我们的 contact information! 你的 贷款服务机构 should have updated contact information. If you enrolled in electronic correspondence, make sure you are getting and reading y我们的 notices and letters. Servicers have started notifying borrowers about payments resuming. If you don’t know who y我们的 servicer is, log into y我们的 studentaid.政府 account or call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at to find out.

  • Enroll in the right repayment plan. If you  will not be able to afford y我们的 payments when they resume, 探索其他计划, especially the Income Driven Repayment options. Allow y我们的self 6-8 weeks for a change in plans to go through. You can change repayment plans through y我们的 servicer or at studentaid.政府. Try to avoid getting non-COVID forbearances or deferments once payments resume.

  • Recertify y我们的 Income Driven Repayment (IDR) plan. 你的 servicer will let you know in advance when you need to recertify. In general, recertification dates have been pushed back. But if y我们的 income has declined, recertifying y我们的 IDR plan may lower y我们的 payments once they resume. You can recertify at studentaid.政府 or with y我们的 servicer.

  • Check y我们的 credit report. It is always a good idea to check y我们的 credit report to make sure y我们的 student loans are being properly reported. You can get free credit reports at AnnualCreditReport.com. (Due to covid, free credit reports are available weekly until April 2022.)

  • Get help if y我们的 loans are in default. Getting y我们的 student loans in good standing now will avoid collection fees, 工资装饰, and other benefit offsets later.

  • Keep a copy of y我们的 student loan records. Download y我们的 records, including notices from y我们的 servicer and Federal Student Aid (studentaid.政府).

  • Do not pay for student loan help! You should  never have to pay to manage y我们的 student loans. Do not fall prey to organizations offering to get you student loan forgiveness or other “relief” available because of this pandemic. Contact y我们的 servicer, a non-profit like EDCAP, or a legal service agency for free help.

  • Do not ignore y我们的 private student loans. If you have private student loans, contact y我们的 lender and explore possible options. If you stopped paying, get help first to determine the best c我们的se of action.

Remember that each situation is different. If you or someone you know is worried about paying y我们的 student loans and does not know what to do, 我们的 Education Debt Consumer Assistance Program (EDCAP) is providing over-the-phone and remote counseling services. 

We are 在这里 to help and guide you. Our helpline is available at  (M-F,上午9时至下午4时),或者你也可以发邮件 edcap@abercrombieffrancepascher.com. 浏览我们的网站 edcapny.org for more information about 我们的 free services.



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